Besides helping many writers improve their manuscripts and publish independently, Fearless Literary develops a limited number of projects for direct representation to publishers. We currently specialize in the nonfiction fields of contemporary spirituality, human potential, health & fitness, memoir, and the arts. Following are some of the promising projects now in progress at various stages of development. Rights inquiries from established publishers are welcome. To keep up with all author news from Fearless Literary, join the Fearless Books mailing list.

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SOLD: Roy Parvin and Janet Vail of Cloverdale, CA have accepted an offer from Ten Speed Press in Berkeley, CA for YOGA FOR THE INFLEXIBLE MALE: A How-To Guide for the Less-Fair Sex. Addressing a "vast untapped audience of yoga practitioners consisting of multitudes of men too prideful or mortified to ever attempt a Downward Dog in front of a woman," Roy writes in the authorial voice of "Yoga Matt" to offer a basic introduction to this timeless health discipline, whose male audience is currently estimated at 28% of all practitioners (but growing steadily). Roy is the award-winning author of two books of fiction, with his short stories being widely anthologized and included in the Best American Short Stories series; he has also been awarded an NEA grant and Breadloaf Fellowship. Janet has over 25 years experience in book production, shepherding many projects from manuscripts to bound and published books. The yoga teaching in this book is based on the popular male-only classes of Jerry Sinclair, an ex-competitive wrestler with 23 years experience practicing and teaching yoga. Meet Roy and Janet on Facebook, and visit Roy's website. Ten Speed, an imprint of Crown/Penguin Random House, will release "Inflexible" in the fall of 2019.

PUBLISHED: New World Library has released a new edition of Sarah Anne Shockley's independently published book, THE PAIN COMPANION: Everyday Wisdom for Living with and Moving Beyond Chronic Pain, featuring a foreword by Dr. Bernie S. Siegel. A native of Connecticut living in northern California, Sarah is a multiple award-winning producer and director of educational films, including Dancing From the Inside Out, a highly acclaimed documentary on disabled dance. Her first book, Traveling Incognito, a guidebook for international travelers, won a Critic's Choice Award (San Francisco Review of Books). As the result of a work related injury in 2007, Sarah contracted Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS) and has lived with debilitating nerve pain since then. She is a columnist for Pain News Network, and currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. See her range of resources for those living with chronic pain at the Pain Companion website and Facebook page.

PUBLISHED: the first book by Dana Marrocco, PhD is a lead title for the new "Ixia" self-improvement imprint of Dover Publications in New York. In TOP TEN LIES WE TELL OURSELVES (And How to Stop Living Them). "Dr. Dana" brings her professional background in educational psychology and the spiritual inspiration of A Course in Miracles to a light-hearted but profound discussion of the most common self-deceptions that keep people from living happy and creative lives. The Foreword was contributed by Gary Renard, author of the popular "Disappearance of the Universe" series, and the previous reigning comedian in the field. Claiming to have been "blonded by the Light," Dr. Dana speaks, sings, and performs "self-help stand-up" at local spiritual centers and retreats. Experience Dr. Dana's style in her video series entitled "Did You Forget to Laugh?" and connect with her on Facebook or her website.

PUBLISHED: Fearless Literary is pleased to announce the publication of Corinne Zupko's book FROM ANXIETY TO LOVE: Working with Your Inner Therapist to Find Lasting Peace. Corinne began her study of A Course in Miracles (ACIM) in 1997 after struggling with debilitating anxiety and panic attacks, and following its discipline has totally undone the high stress she used to live with. Her book shares with readers her method for using ACIM and other resources to recognize and work with one's "Inner Therapist" to live a peaceful and productive life. Corinne is a keynote speaker, Adjunct Professor of Counselor Education, licensed counselor, coach, and mindfulness meditation teacher at Bank of America.  Try Corinne’s ACIM-inspired meditation and connect with her on Facebook.

PUBLISHED: Fearless Literary is pleased to announce the publication of the second edition of BREAKUP REHABTwelve New Steps for Starting Over Stronger (New World Library, 2017; originally self-published) by Rebekah McClaskey, M.A., of Encinitas, CA. Rebekah is a clairvoyant relationship counselor with a private practice that specializes in changing lives so that clients can experience fulfilling relationships and start over stronger after break-ups. Her training with 12-Step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous, her work with veterans suffering from PTSD, and her education from Naropa University in Boulder have all contributed to her kind, earthy, and no-nonsense style of advice. Meet Rebekah in her "Transform Now" video, and on her website and Facebook.

PUBLISHED: Fearless Literary placed the first book by Rev. Maria Felipe of Los Angeles, entitled LIVE YOUR HAPPY: Getting Over Yourself to Find the Love Within, with New World Library, the publisher of such authors as Shakti Gawain, Dan Millman, and Eckhart Tolle. An accomplished actress who was the first female Hispanic boxing announcer and host of the WWF (now World Wrestling Entertainment) show "Los Super Astros," Maria acquired her ministerial certification through Pathways of Light in 2012 and has since dedicated herself to the teachings of A Course in Miracles. Also in a Spanish translation, her book presents her direct, high-energy approach to achieving genuine happiness through living the radical principles of the Course.Learn more about Maria at her website or on Facebook.



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