52 Prayers with Visualizations, Affirmations & Love
by Lyna Rose
Fearless Books, 2018
ISBN 978-0-692-06750-5
Softcover, 120 pages



"Lyna Rose has a lovely voice, soft and tender but deep and serious. I harken to the sound of her prayers."Marianne Williamson


What is the real purpose of prayer? Is it a way to get what we want from God, or a magical means of wish fulfillment? In this original and stunning collection of prayerful meditations, French-American writer Lyna Rose reminds us that "Prayer does not exist so that we may get our way, and God is not Santa Claus. Prayer exists so that we may align our mind and our heart with the divine order of happiness that exists deep within us, but is so often forgotten."

This passionate book is rooted in the author's own life experiences as an orphan, single mother, and dedicated seeker. Drawing from many spiritual perspectives, Enlighten Your Life will do just that by offering powerful, well-chosen words to help you align your mind and heart with the divine happiness within.

with a Foreword by Jon Mundy, Ph.D.
and endorsements by Marianne Williamson, Tama Kieves, Karen Bentley, Richard Smoley, Mitch Horowitz, Rev. Maria Felipe, and Cindy Lora-Renard

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Enlighten Your Life is organized in 5 sections
addressing major realms of human experience


Prayer to Heal
Addiction to Love

Dear Higher Mind,
Some force within me is chasing
after unrequited love.
Loneliness is closing in on my heart
and I want to find solace in the arms of another.
My heart is stuck on the chord of neediness;
I can't help obsessing about my partner
as I silently implore him to love the self
that I cannot love.

I invite the omnipotence
of your unconditional love
to enter my heart at this moment.
Help me appease the inner child
wailing in pain right now,
surrounding it safely with my own acceptance.
Grant me the stamina to parent my own heart.

May I no longer defer my heart's needs
to another human being. May I be
the determining authority over my worth.
I am willing to be my own lover first so that
I may learn the meaning of true partnership.

Close your eyes and invite the presence of unconditional love within the walls of your mind and the sacred space of your heart. Now visualize a deep red mist of love wrapped around your heart. Gently place your palms over your heart, allowing the mist to intensify in color to cleanse your heart from self-hatred, unworthiness, and external validation. Feel the freedom that your own love offers you, at any moment. You are undoing the latch to your own love and your source of true power.


I am the heart that I seek.
I embody the love that I desire to experience.
I welcome all of myself, even sadness, self-rejection, and desperation.
I cannot be abandoned. I am always here for myself.



Prayer for Peace
In the World

Dear God,
The world shakes with violence,
sadness, and incomprehension.
Some shattered hearts are
blind to your omnipresent love.

Please help me remember that I cannot
fix the world, but I can deepen my own
awareness of love so that my soul becomes
a mirror of peace for my brothers and sisters.
Please hold my mind in the perennial peace
of your Kingdom, so that I may witness
the melodrama of this mortal world with
a radical and loving consciousness.

Lead us out of the descending spiral
of defense and attack so that we may share
the splendor of each other's innocence.
May peace and renewed hope prevail over
the recurrence of our weary sadness.

Aware of the habitual darkness hovering over the world, we breathe deeply from our center until we see sparks of light breaking through the clouds of doubt and despair. The light intensifies until the earth is enveloped by a miraculous, dense coat of bright, healing peace. We begin to feel the weightless presence of that peace first upon our shoulders, dropping down through us until all tension and fear depart from our bodies, leaving behind only a profound, imposing stillness. Feeling weightless and infinitely spacious within, we have become the profound peace that the world needs.

I am the presence of peace itself.
My radical love stands radiant in the midst of fear.
Peace extends from me as a new kind of power.
I am appointed as a messenger of peace.



Prayer for Surrender

Dear God,
My soul stands nakedly vulnerable
at the crossroads of my blurry destiny
and the scalding fears in my head.
My life is being dismantled and my hopes
are dangling outside my heart right now.
I can feel the purging light of your love healing
the bruised patches of my fearful self,
but I cannot see a clear path ahead.
I used to think that you owed me happiness.
I used to think that you would grant me my wishes.
I have treated you like a genie
who would comply with my caprices.

Please help me renounce all the wishes
that do not serve my highest good
so that miracles may arrive with your perfect timing.
I do not know where to set foot tomorrow,
but I yearn to set my heart on your will
and nothing else.

You owe me nothing, dear God,
because your plan for my happiness
is already in place.

See a shimmering white altar in the center of your mind. Bring all the desires and preferred outcomes that you have been holding within to the bright light glowing at the very center of the altar. The light grows upward, like a vortex, until it engulfs the entire room, and your desires dissolve into the light. Now that same vortex is shining in your mind, a beautiful empty vessel ready to receive all that the Divine has already elected for your self-realization. Now you step forward onto the path laid out before, leading toward true bliss and the best version of your future.

Everything coming to me is an experience sent by the Divine to reveal pure happiness.
I trust in the Divine unfolding of all situations in the present moment.
I drop into the open emptiness of my mind so that spirit may lead me.
Every event is cultivated to lead me back to my happiness within.