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Fearless Books was founded in 1997 as a means to keep my own writing career alive, after several misadventures with major New York publishing houses. In 2003, I published the first author besides myself, Gary Renard, whose book THE DISAPPEARANCE OF THE UNIVERSE was an immediate hit under the Fearless Books imprint, selling 25,000 copies in just under two years. By 2005 it was picked up by a major independent, Hay House, and went on to sell over 200,000 copies in multiple editions around the world. Gary went on to write three more books for his new publisher.

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Ever since I started an Assisted Publishing program (AP) to help other writers publish books under their own imprint, I've received inquiries from writers wanting to be published under the Fearless imprint. Since Gary, I've done this rarely — not because I don't enjoy publishing other writers, but because I don't enjoy tracking sales and royalties. I'm not an accountant, and can't afford to hire one for the fairly complicated task of tracking sales across multiple publishing and distribution platforms.

A new program I'm calling "Fearless Folio" solves this problem. Books accepted for Folio will be set up on an AP basis, with the authors holding their own printing and distribution accounts (including CreateSpace, IngramSpark, Amazon Kindle, and Smashwords), enabling them to start receiving 100% of their sales royalties immediately upon publication. In addition to the editorial and design costs normally associated with AP, an "advance royalty fee" ($1500-$2500) will entitle a project to publication under the Fearless Books imprint, with initial and continuing publicity on the Fearless website, Facebook pages, and Twitter account. Fearless Books will retain a 50% interest in subsidiary rights such as foreign translations, audio, and licensing of the original book to a larger publisher. Depending on their sales performance over time, Folio titles will be considered for representation to mainstream publishers by the Fearless Literary agency, which has successfully placed self-published titles in the mainstream.

Folio enables authors to enjoy the benefits of being published under the imprint of a veteran independent publisher with an established reputation, while still receiving 100% of their sales proceeds. All books accepted will be subject to the rigorous editorial and design standards that I've established for Fearless titles, including my own. Nonfiction work in the fields of spirituality, health, and the arts will have the best chance for acceptance, but I am interested in finding good fiction properties as well. As the Folio program grows, so too will the Fearless Books list.

The aim of Folio is to repeat the "Disappearance" effect, giving authors of unusual books an established publishing platform with the potential of launching a best-seller. If you think you may have a good candidate for Fearless Folio, write to me at info (at) fearlessbooks.com and describe your project, including its current editorial status. We can begin with a polished manuscript, a rough draft, even an idea or a previously self-published title. As a publisher and literary agent I've specialized in unique books that may not fit into mainstream publishing, bringing forth their potential to reach many readers nonetheless. I'll be interested to see what you're up to!



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