a variety of public relations services for authors
from a veteran independent publisher

Many prospective authors envision the publication of their first book as the culmination of their literary journey. In fact, it is only the beginning of an even more daunting adventure: the long haul of publicity. Major publishing houses provide some publicity assistance, but their authors are increasingly expected to develop their own publicity "platform" and to keep strengthening it. When you are publishing independently, it's ALL up to you.

While the advent of print-on-demand and digital technologies has made book distribution easier and cheaper than ever, distribution is useless if people don't know your book exists. And that's where your platform counts.

An effective platform includes a website, blog, video peripherals where possible, regular use of social media, and personal appearances at readings, seminars, radio and TV, and any other venues that can help spread public notice of your book. Publicity is an ongoing process, not a one-time task that can be completed and forgotten about.

As an independent publisher since 1997, Fearless Books has effectively publicized its own titles and provided many services for authors who have used some aspect of Fearless Literary Services. We have recently enhanced these services by bringing on Associate Agent Jennifer Listug, our Publicity Specialist, who will consult with authors to improve their public outreach before and after their books are published. With a background in public relations at Schrader Cellars and New World Library, Jennifer brings a fresh, original, and up-to-date perspective to the challenge of "getting the word out" to help books succeed.

One-Hour PR Consultation: For $75, Jennifer will spend up to one hour consulting with you on the book publicity process, advising on how you can initiate or contribute to a successful publicity campaign, whether you are with a publishing company or self-published. Topics of discussion include creating a press-pack, successful social media marketing, working with different types of media outlets, and more. Also includes a follow-up email with a summary of the consultation and action items/next steps. How to get started: Write consult@fearlessbooks.com with a little bit about you, a description of your book, and links to any of your websites and/or social media.


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