a low-cost package of public relations services for
authors from a veteran independent publisher

Many prospective authors envision the publication of their first book as the culmination of their literary journey. But it's only the beginning of an even more daunting adventure: the long haul of publicity. Major publishing houses provide some publicity assistance, but their authors are increasingly expected to develop their own publicity "platform" and to keep strengthening it.

When you are publishing independently, it's ALL up to you.

An effective platform includes a website, blog, video peripherals where possible, regular use of social media, and personal appearances at readings, seminars, broadcast media, and any other venues and media that can help spread public notice of your book. Publicity is an ongoing process, not a one-time task that can be completed and forgotten about. Many self-publishing authors either try to go it alone without expertise or experience, or hand it over to expensive publicity firms with unsatisfying results.

Fearless Literary is pleased to present a low-cost "starter kit" of advice and services that will cover all the bases of a healthy publicity start, with some benefits that are unique to the Fearless approach. This service caters especially to the self-published, but can be useful to anyone promoting a book. The aim is to help you become confident and proficient in sharing the value of the work you've created.

The basic cost is $2500 to cover three months of PR development, with specialized extensions available.

Combining the founder's decades of experience with fresh Millennial savvy, the Fearless Publicity Package includes but is not limited to these services:

Who you will be working with:

As an accomplished author, editor, designer & book producer, independent publisher, and literary agent, Fearless Literary founder D. PATRICK MILLER has unsurpassed experience in publishing. The author of over a dozen books himself, six published by mainstream houses and the rest under his own imprint of Fearless Books, Patrick has also worked with major publishers and literary agents as well as hundreds of authors to help bring good books into print and public notice. He oversees the Fearless Literary Publicity Program and coordinates the efforts of two sharp Millennial talents... Fearless Literary Associate Agent JENNIFER LISTUG has worked in PR for New World Library and Schrader Cellars, and helps Fearless authors focus on three aspects of their publicity profile: putting together an initial press packet, devising a social media strategy, and customizing a self-marketing approach via bookstore readings and special events... CHRISTIAN MAUERER is a native of Munich, Germany who worked at Google in online marketing before launching his own entrepreneurial adventure as a "Digital Jedi Master." With over five years experience in international marketing and web design, Christian brings a special expertise to the assessment of an author's web presence and other marketing media including video. Married to Fearless Literary author Maria Felipe, Christian masterminded the national tour for the launch of her book LIVE YOUR HAPPY! (New World, 2017).

How to get started: Write consult@fearlessbooks.com with a little bit about you, a description and text sample of your book project, and links to any of your websites and/or social media. If your book looks like a good project for us, we'll get you started right away with consultations with each Fearless Publicity expert, and go from there!