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This selection of interviews and essays by Fearless Books founder D. Patrick Miller
presents some of his most popular and significant work written for the web.
Prior to becoming an online journalist, Miller published over 100 print
articles in such media as YOGA JOURNAL, THE SUN, and many others.

For other recent writing, see his Elephant Journal blog.


The Rapid Dying of Religion
A summary of recent research indicating that mainstream religion
may be in a much steeper decline than is commonly suspected,
while the phenomenon of "spiritual but not religious"
continues to spread


A Spiritual Approach to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
A first-hand report of experiencing and recovering from a
mysterious syndrome that remains a poorly understood public
health issue afer thirty years



Weaning Off Wall Street
A talk with socially responsible investment counselor
Chris Peck about investing in your own resilience


What Was Hidden
A talk with Richard Smoley, author of Inner Christianity,
about Western spiritual secrets


Zen Cancer:
The Fearless Interview with the late Philip Toshio Sudo


The Hero with an African Face:
The Fearless Interview with Dr. Clyde W. Ford


Can Prisons Become Houses of Healing?
The Fearless Interview with Robin Casarjian


Fame, Fire and Surrender
This no-holds-barred interview with comedian Brett Butler
reveals the inner life of a spirited performe


Higher Straits
Talking with Dire Straits co-founder David Knopfler
about life as an indie musician


Keeping Your Soul Work Alive
A meditation on writing & publishing

Genesis Corrected

An eyewitness to Creation suggests
that our popular mythology has got it all wrong.


Doping with RC Cola and a Moon Pie
Or, how the author left the track of competitive
bicycle racing, never to return



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