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Twenty-five years in the making, the spiritual memoir of Fearless Books founder D. Patrick Miller is now available for shipping. MOSTLY A MYSTIC: Reflections on a Spiritual (But Not Religious) Life tells the story of how a young investigative reporter transformed into a modern mystic.

Along the way, he has played a significant role in furthering the public awareness and understanding of A Course in Miracles (ACIM) as both a spiritual journalist and an independent publisher.

Featuring a Foreword by philosopher Jacob Needleman.

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Living with Miracles is designed so that no one feels unmoored and lacking guidance when approaching the Course, even for the first time. It provides stories from practitioners around the world who reflect honestly on their often uplifting, sometimes challenging experiences. Miller guides the reader through the most common emotions, reactions, and questions that arise when studying the text; provides insights and tips about pacing yourself, as well as when and how to take breaks from the study; and gives advice on working through early misconceptions and difficult later developmental stages.

Understanding A Course in Miracles provides a comprehensive introduction to the grassroots phenomenon A Course in Miracles covers the teaching’s role in America’s changing spiritual landscape, investigates its origins and history, and explains its principal tenets and philosophies. Weaving together extensive research and student perspectives, journalist D. Patrick Miller sheds light on this provocative and oft-misunderstood spiritual path.





THE FORGIVENESS BOOK: healing the hurts we don't deserve first appeared in 1994 as “A Little Book of Forgiveness” (Viking) and has since changed the lives of many thousands of readers. The sixth edition (Hampton Roads, 2017) features expanded instructions for the classic “Seven Steps of Forgiveness” devised by author D. Patrick Miller, based on more than two decades of studying and practicing the principles of forgiveness in his own life.

Originally published in 1995 and changing the lives of thousands ever since, THE BOOK OF PRACTICAL FAITH (20th Year Edition) offers a vision of a “practical faith” that will benefit anyone regardless of their religious (or irreligious) beliefs. In four lucid steps — Releasing Guilt, Gathering Trust, Practicing Patience, and Learning Transcendence — D. Patrick Miller reveals a path to greater peace, perseverance, and dedication in the midst of everyday life.




Philosopher Jacob Needleman has been teaching and writing about the riches of the inner life for four decades, giving a sophisticated but accessible perspective on the “big questions” of existence. A popular professor of philosophy at San Francisco State University who has been featured on Bill Moyers’ “World of Ideas” series, Needleman’s most recent works include What is God? and An Unknown World.

Only one journalist has consistently followed Dr. Needleman's career over many years: Fearless Books founder D. Patrick Miller. Since 1989 he has conducted six feature interviews with Dr. Needleman on these subjects: Making Sense of Mysticism • Understanding the American Soul •The Secrets of Time and Love • Money and the Meaning of Life • Meeting God Without Religion • Who Needs Philosophy?

Now you can read all these thought-provoking conversations in one volume: NECESSARY WISDOM.


When 50-year-old Lucas Palmer falls out of a rowboat into northern California’s Russian River, he initiates rapid and mysterious changes in the life of his troubled daughter Wendy — who, at age 28, has been glumly waiting for her “real life” to begin. While the comatose Lucas conducts a searching inventory of his past in a strange otherworld, he must also negotiate the peace in a ludicrous battle between his two after-life guides: the spirit of his beloved wife Flora and the bombastic, cinematic ghost of General George S. Patton (Lucas’s secret hero). Meanwhile Wendy gets an unexpected makeover during a trying weekend that she must get through without the help of her Marianne Williamson tapes — and soon she learns secrets of her own past that shake her very foundations.

When the parallel and mystically linked stories of Love After Life converge in a gripping conclusion, every reader will be left with a new appreciation of the staying power of love and the hidden reserves of the human spirit. Inspired by themes from A Course in Miracles, this captivating novel offers a new kind of teaching from one of the most respected writers in the field of Course studies. A study guide is available to assist reflection and group discussion.




A Spiritual Approach to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: The revealing and insightful story, newly updated, of how a spiritual awakening eased a severe autoimmune crisis.

How NOT to Worry: A clear and helpful 5-step process to letting go of unproductive worries during stressful times. Learn how to change the way your mind works to increase efficiency and creativity.

Letting Go of Bad Habits: Useful and original advice from a bevy of experts, featuring 9 keys to outgrowing bad habits... without relying on “willpower.”

Six Miracle Essays:  A compilation of the "6 Miracle Essays" series, combining in one volume BACK TO THE REAL WORLD; CLIMBING THE STONE FACE OF FEAR; HOMELESS; A BRUTAL SADNESS: Capital Punishment and the Politics of Vengeance; HIGHER LEARNING: An Interview with Kenneth and Gloria Wapnick; and ENDING MY RELIGION. This collection offers in-depth insights about the spiritual path known as "A Course in Miracles."

What’s Your Number? Understanding the Enneagram System of Personality . An overview of the most compelling personality typing system available today, based on interviews with the two leading teachers. Includes the history and development of this intriguing perspective on human character, and brief digests of the 9 personality types.

Who Are You? Understanding Your Personality with the Enneagram. A concise guide to helping readers find their Enneagram personality type, and better understand themselves and their friends, spouses, children, and co-workers.



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