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D. Patrick Miller has been both a seeker and researcher of spiritual wisdom for three decades. The founder of Fearless Books and Wisdom Resources, he has authored twelve books and over 100 magazine and online articles. He has studied a wide variety of subjects including A Course in Miracles, the Enneagram typology of personality, the I Ching, Jungian psychology, process therapy, yoga, shamanism, cultism, spirituality in the workplace, psychic phenomena, altered states of consciousness, and advanced human capacities. He lives in the Napa Valley of northern California.



THE FORGIVENESS INTENSIVE: Based on the "Seven Steps of Forgiveness" from The Forgiveness Book, this class features three mp3 recordings, a signed copy of the book, and a series of e-mail exchanges. Click here for more information.


: Based on Patrick's two books written about the Course, this class is suited to students at any level of study. Advance your understanding of exactly what ACIM is, how it compares to other religions and spiritual paths, where it fits in your daily life, and how best to make use of the Text and Workbook together. The class includes copies of UNDERSTANDING A COURSE IN MIRACLES, and LIVING WITH MIRACLES, plus up to six e-mailed question-and-answer exchanges and one hour of phone or Skype conversation within a four-week period. $129 (optional renewal on a monthly basis at $75.00)

Study-at-Home Class on Understanding ACIM


WRITING FROM THE SPIRIT: Designed especially for writers getting started on a spiritual memoir or teaching book, this class will offer Patrick's short-form assessment of any new work in progress, with a follow-up discussion via phone and up to four e-mail exchanges to help accelerate your project. This is a “starter” coaching course intended to help shape a new literary undertaking, not an assessment of a full manuscript or publishing assistance. (For those services, see the Manuscripts service or Assisted Publishing program.) This class includes a review and discussion of up to 2500 words of a writing project in progress. $129. (Students are entitled to a 10% discount on any subsequent project pursued with Fearless Literary Services).

Study-at-Home Class on
Writing from the Spirit



FROM SPECIAL TO HOLY: One of the most perplexing realms of spiritual growth is understanding and maintaining healthy emotional relationships of all kinds — especially the transition from what A Course in Miracles calls "special" to "holy." How do we grow from battling over "getting our needs met" to joining hearts and minds in a mutual holy purpose? Get a new perspective on your relationship challenges by working with Patrick in a coaching class that includes up to eight e-mail exchanges and two hours of phone or Skype coaching.

Study-at-Home Coaching for
Special to Holy Relationships



INNER TRUTH COACHING: In response to requests for comprehensive ongoing guidance, specialized spiritual coaching is available at custom rates. The name is inspired by the I Ching hexagram #61, Chung Fu, or "Inner Truth." Send questions about any aspect of spiritual and material life that's challenging you: relationship, finances, career choice or sense of purpose, creative expression, and more. Write to consult@fearlessbooks.com with an outline of your interests. This service is especially useful for dealing with spiritual crisis, and long-term, flexible rates and scheduling can be arranged.


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