"Of all that is written I love only what a man has written with his blood.
Write with blood, and you will experience that blood is spirit."

Friedrich Nietzsche, in Thus Spake Zarathrustra


Every kind of writing presents challenges, but writing in the field of spirituality is especially demanding. It's important to balance logic with inspiration, heart with intellect, and serious intention with a sense of humor.

Author, editor, and publisher D. Patrick Miller has worked in the field of spiritual writing for thirty years, not only creating his own books but also helping scores of other writers, literary agents, and publishers create inspiring works of lasting value. He discovered and published the first edition of The Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renard, which has gone on to become a worldwide bestseller in its second edition (Hay House). He has also edited and assisted in the publication of print and/or e-books for a host of other writers writing in spirituality, especially pertaining to A Course in Miracles.

Patrick offers a variety of literary coaching, editing, and independent publishing assistance services to writers working in the spiritual field. He also provides professional representation to publishers for appropriate projects (see Projects in Progress).

Write to consult (at) fearlessbooks.com with any questions about your own writing project, or see these pages describing particular services:







Writing Through the Dark Night: Talking about Creativity and Depression with novelist Tim Farrington: This wide-ranging, fascinating feature interview focuses on the subjects of creativity, depression, and the "dark night of the soul." Noted author and literary coach D. Patrick Miller talks with novelist Tim Farrington, author of A HELL OF MERCY and THE MONK DOWNSTAIRS.

Keeping Your Soul Work Alive: A Meditation on Writing and Self-Publishing  FREE •  In this brief essay, a veteran author, independent publisher, and writing coach muses about the challenges of honest self-expression — and the even bigger challenges of getting one's expressions out into the world.

Choose Your Publishing Option: FREE • The online Fearless Publishing Guide has been expanded into an e-book that gives even more valuable information on how to get an agent, get published in the mainstream or outside it, how to self-publish, and more.

How to Write a Good Poem: Three Essential Elements: The co-editor and publisher of the award-winning Fearless Poetry Series offers a concise and inspiring guide to writing a good poem. The three essential skills of Vocabulary, Compression, and Revision are explained, with helpful suggestions for practice. Includes a number of example poems by the author, a widely published poet. Also: live links to other helpful resources.

How to Begin Your Memoir: The first volume in the Art of the Memoir Series stresses the importance of knowing WHY you want to write your personal story, reviewing three Poor Motivations and three Effective Motivations, along with an exercise helping you focus your purpose.


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