I used to say that it was really hard for the average person to understand panic and overwhelming anxiety, if they have never experienced those feelings for themselves. Coronavirus has leveled the playing field, so I can no longer say this. The majority of the world now knows what intense anxiety feels like.

Although the current pandemic is challenging all of us, a divine opportunity awaits. Instead of anxiety keeping us identified as bodies that are subject to the “laws” of the world, when we allow anxiety to be repurposed, it can be a means through which we wake up to the truth of who we really are.

Tune in to my podcast episode to learn three tools that have truly helped me find the ground of love during this pandemic.

For an in-depth examination of another contemporary challenge, go to The Love Lens: Conversations on A Course in Miracles, Racism, and the Unified Mind, featuring myself, Yolanda Batts, Emily Bennington, and Freedom Cartwright. — Corinne Zupko


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Author Corinne Zupko, EdS, MA, LPC undertook her study of psychology out of necessity when debilitating anxiety threatened to derail her life. Seeking ways to do more than temporarily alleviate her symptoms, Corinne began to study A Course in Miracles (ACIM), mindfulness meditation, and the latest therapeutic approaches for treating anxiety. In From Anxiety to Love, she shares what she learned and gently guides you through the process, helping you undo anxiety-based thinking and fostering mindful shifts in your thoughts and actions. Whether struggling with everyday stress or near-crippling discomfort, you will find that Corinne's approach offers a new way of healing from — rather than just coping with — fear and anxiety. Learn more about her events, podcasts, and other generous teachings at her website.