Help Fearless Books


This year, 2022, marks the 25th anniversary of Fearless Books.

Founded in 1997 to keep my personal writing career alive after a series of run-ins with the questionable ethics of mainstream publishing (read some of that story here), it gradually grew into a conglomerate of services for other writers. These services include Manuscript Review & Editing, Assisted Publishing, and Professional Representation as a literary agent. These days I usually refer to my one-man service industry as “Fearless Literary,” although I still occasionally release books under the Fearless Books imprint.

After discovering and publishing an unknown writer named Gary Renard, now the best-selling author of the Disappearance of the Universe series, I went on to assist scores of other writers in starting their literary careers, either as Assisted Publishing authors or writers represented and placed with other publishers.

It's very significant to me that the press I founded just to keep my name in print has grown to serve so many other writers, thus sharing many more valuable ideas than my own. This was a spiritual destiny of creative service I certainly didn’t sense at the start, but it has become more important than simply publishing myself.

Now, at 25 years of age, Fearless Literary faces a transitional challenge. After ten years renting the same home business address, I’m being forced to move by a sale of the property. Business over the last two years of the pandemic has been slow, and my financial reserves are strained. It’s bad timing, to say the least, so I’m reaching out to the friends, fans, and followers of Fearless to lend an assist.

I’m accepting financial “assists” in any amount to help me reach a make-the-move goal of $5000.


For a $50 assist, I’ll send you a copy of any of my own titles (click on each cover for more information).



For a $75 assist, I’ll send you a book AND enroll you as a subscriber in my upcoming venture entitled SIGNS OF GLOBAL CALMING: Writings for a New Consciousness of Kindness. This feature will be hosted by the new “substack” platform featuring many other writers, including Marianne Williamson. (I’d actually hoped to launch SIGNS by now, but a little bit of fate interrupted.) Some of the writing for SIGNS will be free to all subscribers, but a paid subscription entitles you to access all the new feature stories that will appear there — all focused on the "consciousness of kindness" that goes along with being spiritual-but-not-religious.


Finally, a $150 assist will entitle you to a book, SIGNS subscription, and one-hour phone or Zoom consultation on the topic of your choice from the fields of writing, publishing, personal spiritual practice and/or the study of A Course in Miracles.

Larger assists will be warmly welcomed, of course. If you have appreciated the work I’ve done as a writer, publisher, consultant, and spiritual explorer for a quarter-century – and would like to see it continue as long as I’m breathing (whenever that habit stops is my estimated retirement date) — now is the time you can really help. As odd as it sounds in my current straits, I have the feeling that 2022 will be a breakthrough year for Fearless Literary. Your assistance will be invaluable in this significant year.

I will answer all donations personally and find out which book or discussion topic you are interested in. (SIGNS OF GLOBAL CALMING will be launched shortly after the move has been made.) Feel free to write me directly at after making any donation. Ifyou'd prefer to send a check, write me first for the address.


P.S.: When I took a series of publicity self-portraits last year, I dubbed this one the “Pandemic Selfie.” Right now it’s serving a double purpose. I sure will appreciate it if you can lend any assistance to lift my outlook!