Did you break up because of the pandemic? — or did this difficult time just reveal that you're not ready for a healthy relationship? Very few of us think of the long-term responsibility that comes with entering into a romantic relationship. Most of us are like, “Sex! Great!” — and then we mistake sex for closeness. The reality of a relationship is that if you want a good one that lasts, that you feel at home in, and that you grow in, you are going to mess up.

We all get hurt in order to learn how to love. Learn faster by reading Breakup Rehab, starting a study group, and sharing the good news that there is fact a map — the 12 steps —to know how to navigate your way into your unique and healthy relationship (that is pandemic-proof). Enjoy! — Rebekah Freedom

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"Rebekah Freedom's book will open your eyes to how fabulous you've always been. Breakup Rehab made me run faster and jump higher, and it made me incapable of dating losers."― Meaghan Hammarsten, owner of Morning Dove: Self-Discovery and Projection

"A reassuring guide through the steps of putting yourself back together after a breakup. If your heart is broken, this will help you heal."― Tina B. Tessina, PhD, psychotherapist and author of How to Be Happy Partners

About the Author

Rebekah Freedom McClaskey is a clairvoyant relationship counselor with a private practice that specializes in changing lives so that clients can experience fulfilling relationships and start over stronger after break-ups. Her training with 12-Step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous, her work with veterans suffering from PTSD, and her education from Naropa University in Boulder have all contributed to her kind, earthy, and no-nonsense style of advice. Meet Rebekah on her website and Facebook.