At EDISON Audio, everything I do is geared towards one goal: creating the best audiobooks possible. Utilizing the magic of the spoken word, I turn dreams into reality.

I know how hard you’ve labored in writing your book. Writing a novel, or even a long work of nonfiction, is akin to excavating a fossil. You’ve found the thing, and then spent many hours (thousands likely) getting it out of the ground in one piece, chipping a little here, smoothing a little there. It won’t do to fracture it in the process. You want something people can relate to, something that touches them. Something that speaks to them.

I give voice to the words you’ve inked. Although it’s my voice, the characters or the message are yours. Narration is an interpretation of the words on the page: one person, speaking many characters, using the God-given tools of pacing, tone, rhythm, intensity, pitch, and timbre. I can speak with great gravitas or authority, be playful or excited, spooky or scared, brooding or deadpan. I can be sarcastic or snarky, articulate or inspirational. Or some combination of any of these. I can be an old man or a middle-aged woman. I can be an old woman or a middle-aged man. 

The secret is that after numerous projects and 50 books or so, I know what’s in my wheelhouse. I also know the technical details necessary to produce the highest quality audio experience without those annoying pops and creaks and tiresome background noises that can take your listener out of the experience. All work is done in my own professional studio dedicated to audiobook production alone,  with exquisite attention to every detail of production — from the first read of your manuscript through to final mastering of the digital files and uploading everything to Audible. 

I generally charge $300 per finished hour of audio. I consider other arrangements in select circumstances. Please note that I personally will be your expert guide through this entire experience. You will have access to a private page on Soundcloud where you can follow the audiobook as it progresses through the production process. Check out some of my many excerpts at soundclound.com/EdisonAudio.

I am also a physician and experienced in both medical narration and complex scientific and business narration. Ask about rates for this specialized service. — Edison McDaniels


EDISON McDANIELS is a physician, writer, novelist, and audiobook narrator. He lives in the American Midwest. His writing tends to involve ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances and is often informed by medicine and his knowledge of surgery. His stories showcase historical fiction and the supernatural, especially ghosts. He is also a graduate of Stanford University, board certified in the practice of adult and pediatric neurosurgery, and loves baseball. Read more about him at surgicalfiction.com.

PLEASE NOTE THAT RESERVATIONS ARE NOW BEING TAKEN FOR AUDIOBOOK PRODUCTION. If you would like to reserve a start date, write info (at) fearlessbooks.com and we will get back to you with the current schedule and reservation information for Edison McDaniels.

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