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Health & Wisdom Series  •  The ‘Course in Miracles’ Series

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The Health & Wisdom Series


How NOT to Worry: A clear and helpful 5-step process to letting go of unproductive worries during stressful times. Learn how to change the way your mind works to increase efficiency and creativity. FREE on Smashwords.

Letting Go of Bad Habits: Useful and original advice from a bevy of experts, featuring 9 keys to outgrowing bad habits... without relying on “willpower.”

A Spiritual Approach to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: The revealing and insightful story, newly updated, of how a spiritual awakening eased a severe autoimmune crisis. FREE on Smashwords.

Flight Patterns: or, How Astral Projection Launched My Spiritual (But Not Religious) Journey: A personal essay detailing author D. Patrick Miller's early experimentation with astral projection, leading to his identification with the "spiritual but not religious" movement

When Soldiers Meditate: an interview with Richard Strozzi Heckler: In this fascinating conversation, a former Marine and aikido master discusses the inner qualities of the traditional warrior, and how he has tried to introduce them to select members of the modern military including the Green Berets and Navy Seals.

The Perfect Mother: an in-depth study of forgiveness In this intimate essay, the author of HOW TO FORGIVE reveals how the struggles of his manic-depressive mother influenced his own life, including a seven-year bout of chronic fatigue syndrome. That illness led to the beginning of a spiritual discipline that would result not only in his healing, but a new perception of his troubled parent as well.

Necessary Wisdom: Jacob Needleman Talks About God, Time, Money, Love, and the Need for Philosophy in Conversations with D. Patrick Miller. A scintillating collection of interviews with the beloved philosopher, author of such best-selling books as Money and the Meaning of Life, What is God? and The Soul of America.

The Way of the Physician: Recovering the Heart of Medicine by Jacob Needleman. In a time when the greatest controversy of medical care seems to be about how best to pay for it, The Way of the Physician brings back fundamental questions of what makes a true healer, what's involved in the uniquely intimate relationship of doctor and patient, and how we all face the inevitable challenges of maintaining health, dealing with illness, and dying.   

Mostly a Mystic: Reflections on a Spiritual (But Not Religious) Life: Twenty-five years in the making, the spiritual memoir of Fearless Books founder D. Patrick Miller is now available. This collection of published personal essays tells the story of how a young investigative reporter transformed into a modern mystic. "A constantly touching and insightful memoir..." — from the Foreword by JACOB NEEDLEMAN. FREE on Smashwords.



THREE BY CHARLES T. TART: We are pleased to announce the digital debut of pioneering consciousness researcher Charles T. Tart, Ph.D. under the Fearless Books imprint. Three of his mind-changing, classic works are now available in multiple digital formats here.


The ‘Course in Miracles’ Series


Understanding A Course in Miracles: The History, Message, and Legacy of a Profound Spiritual Path (2nd Edition, 2021). Drawn from over thirty years of original research, interviews, and personal study, this book provides the most reliable overview of the Course available today. Updated from the first edition published in 2008, this Second Edition details the remarkable Course history, summarizes its central messages, and provides an exhaustive review of the Course legacy by surveying both critics and the most knowledgeable teachers of the path.

A Course in Marigolds: Mysteriously misplaced in a leaky garden shed since the turn of the century, A COURSE IN MARIGOLDS is back to muddle the minds and lighten the hearts of students of A Course in Miracles everywhere. This brilliant parody by Michael Stillwater echoes the unmistakable prose of the original to present an “ACIM for Gardeners” that is hard to describe and even more difficult to learn. A hilarious hybrid of horticulture and holiness, this ACIM begins where many other spiritual systems have wandered off, and ends where no other system would even dare to begin...

Six Miracle Essays A compilation of the "6 Miracle Essays" series, combining in one volume BACK TO THE REAL WORLD; CLIMBING THE STONE FACE OF FEAR; HOMELESS; A BRUTAL SADNESS: Capital Punishment and the Politics of Vengeance; HIGHER LEARNING: An Interview with Kenneth and Gloria Wapnick; and ENDING MY RELIGION. This collection offers in-depth insights about the spiritual path known as "A Course in Miracles."

Miracles Over the Long Haul: A Presentation for the 2011 "Course in Miracles" Conference in San Francisco, by D. Patrick Miller.

From the Mercy Chair: Poems, Illustrations, and Videos by Mary Feagan.This is spiritual poetry like you've never read or heard it before: funny, heartwarming, and honest. Inspired by ACIM, Mary writes about blowing her mind, watching TV with Grandmama God, whining, opening a pub, cavorting with her inner moose, and much, much more.


The Enneagram of Personality Series


What’s Your Number? Understanding the Enneagram System of Personality . An overview of the most compelling personality typing system available today, based on interviews with the two leading teachers. Includes the history and development of this intriguing perspective on human character, and brief digests of the 9 personality types.

Who Are You? Understanding Your Personality with the Enneagram. A concise guide to helping readers find their Enneagram personality type, and better understand themselves and their friends, spouses, children, and co-workers.


The Finance Series


How to Do What You Love for a Living: a 3-part compendium of stories on finding the right kind of work, including expert commentary offered by Marsha Sinetar, Nancy Anderson, Sue Bender, Gregg Levoy, Carol Adrienne, and others.

The Co$t of Not Selling Out: This entertaining memoir reveals just how little money a dedicated writer can make, and still succeed.


The Writing Series


Choose Your Publishing Option: this popular guide gives valuable information on how to get an agent, get published in the mainstream or outside it, how to self-publish, and more. FREE on Smashwords.

How to Write a Good Poem: Three Essential Elements: The co-editor and publisher of the award-winning Fearless Poetry Series offers a concise and inspiring guide to writing a good poem. The three essential skills of Vocabulary, Compression, and Revision are explained, with helpful suggestions for practice. Includes a number of example poems by the author, a widely published poet. Also: live links to other helpful resources. FREE on Smashwords.

How to Begin Your Memoir: The first volume in the Art of the Memoir Series stresses the importance of knowing WHY you want to write your personal story, reviewing three Poor Motivations and three Effective Motivations, along with an exercise helping you focus your purpose. FREE on Smashwords.

Writing Through the Dark Night: Talking about Creativity and Depression with novelist Tim Farrington: This wide-ranging, fascinating feature interview focuses on the subjects of creativity, depression, and the "dark night of the soul." Noted author and literary coach D. Patrick Miller talks with novelist Tim Farrington, author of A Hell of Mercy and The Monk Downstairs. FREE on Smashwords or read online.


Fiction & Poetry


Love After Life: a parable of parallel realities “Here is a lucid, deftly told story of the healing power of love and the tenacity of spirit. But this is also a suspense tale with a redemptive twist — a genuine metaphysical thriller that seizes the soul and keeps you up until midnight turning the pages.” —Tim Farrington, author of The Monk Downstairs and The Monk Upstairs

Instructions of the Spirit: 50 poems & intimations: The 2nd Edition (2022) of a volume of of 50 poems and “intimations” celebrating the challenges and mysteries of spiritual experience. “It is not easy to translate the experiences of the spiritual path into everyday language. Miller's poems record the colors and textures of his journey with skill, subtlety, and compassion." — J. Ruth Gendler, The Book of Qualities

The Christ Poems: Communiques from the Inner Life • What does it actually feel like to be growing, struggling, and learning on a mystical path? In this remarkable collection of new poetry from D. Patrick Miller, a leading writer on A Course in Miracles, the reader is taken into some of the deeper feelings and subtler thoughts of the mystical journey.


Humor & Satire


Me and the Gargantuan Space Babes: Omnibus Edition: Miles Driven, the Last of the Smooth Movers and a Celebrated Great Escapist, tells the six-part, all-too-true story of how his sojourn at a Krispy Kreme doughnut parlor morphs into a galactic battle with gargantuan space babes who wouldn't think twice about dissolving his consciousness in a karmic acid bath. You'll never guess how he pulls himself together and gets out of this one!

Genesis Corrected (by The Serpent) FREE or read online Stop blaming Eve! It wasn't her fault. After eons of silence, The Serpent steps forward to set the story straight about dinosaurs, asteroids, and what really went down when Eve let the banana leaf fall from her bosom. As the Serpent suggests, you'll find yourself wondering how it could have been different if Adam had learned to "just say no"...

Doping with RC Cola and a Moon Pie  FREE or read online • The true story of how the author wandered off the track of competitive bicycling, never to return. This shocking confessional reveals the final, dirty little truth behind all the professional cycling scandals: the sport is just too damn hard!


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