Among the many services provided by Fearless Assisted Publishing founder D. Patrick Miller, the one he usually finds most entertaining is book cover design. And some of the most enjoyable covers he's had the pleasure of creating have been for the prolific e-book author Frank Genao. Read Frank's bio statement below, then click on the covers to find his books at Amazon and become a Genao groupie. (All of Frank's texts are edited by Sari Friedman).

I've been a bartender for more than thirty years in Norway, Dominican Republic, the U.S, and on various planets in the Milky Way galaxy. Before that, I was employed on various cruise lines, cut meat at a slaughter factory, worked as a newspaper boy, a petrol pump attendant, a waiter, a fluffer for the porn industry, and worked for several mentally insane restaurant & bar owners--some from outside our solar system. I began writing as a release valve from the insanity of bartending and watching people sit at the bar and speak to their pets in baby talk. My writings have been a source of mild amusement for family, friends, and customers too lazy to walk down the street and purchase a newspaper. I've also written for mentally challenged friends, fellow slackers, and compulsive losers seeking help in securing employment through fabricating outrageous tales of intergalactic travel on their resumes. Bartending and mowing grass is what I do for a living, but it's not who I am.











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