Where do you turn when medication and medical treatments do not relieve persistent, debilitating pain? What can you do when pain interferes with work, family, and social life and you no longer feel like the person you used to be?

Relying on firsthand experience with severe nerve pain, author Sarah Anne Shockley accompanies you on your journey through pain and offers compassionate, practical advice to ease difficult emotions and address lifestylechallenges. Her approach helps reduce the toll that living in pain takes on relationships, self-image, and well-being while cultivating greater ease and resilience on a daily basis.

Dozens of accessible, uplifting practices guide you every step of the way from a life overcome by pain to a life of greater comfort and peace. THE PAIN COMPANION also offers profound insights for medical practitioners and invaluable guidance for anyone who loves or cares for others in pain. For free resources provided by author Sarah Anne Shockley, see the Pain Companion website. Now also available in Chinese.


The Pain Companion is such an excellent resource and companion for those with pain. Learning how to become empowered through one’s pain journey is incredibly important. Sarah Anne Shockley shares valuable insight and approaches to living with and managing chronic pain. This is a fantastic read. ~ Nicole Hemmenway, Vice President, U.S. Pain Foundation

Shockley writes the companion text she wishes she had when diagnosed with thoracic outlet syndrome. By focusing on emotional, as opposed to physical, states of pain–loss, grief, shame, terror–she provides an invaluable primer on making lifelong healing choices. ~ Stephanie Sendaula & Kiera Parrott, Library Journal

In this remarkable book, Sarah Anne Shockley recounts her journey into the world of chronic pain and shares the survival tools she developed once she realized that pain was there to stay...It is a book about embracing the changes and the lessons which that kind of pain brings and understanding that they contain a gift which you would not have received in any other form. It is written from the heart of pain itself and it is profound. ~ Anna Jedrziewski, Retailing Insight Magazine

In this book, Sarah Anne Shockley offers a compassionate approach to managing pain. Her uplifting advice teaches us how to bring more ease into our lives by reducing the negative effects that persistent pain can cause in our relationships and self-image. Shockley provides invaluable insight for anyone dealing with their own pain or for anyone who cares for another person who experiences daily pain. ~ Kayla Hancock, Conscious Community Magazine