"Lyna has a lovely voice, soft and tender but deep and serious. I harken to the sound of her prayers."MARIANNE WILLIAMSON

"I feel as though I've stumbled upon the journals of a saint, the electricity of one who has tussled to ignite her light, and who writes like a dream, yet a human being I can relate to..." —TAMA KIEVES


We live in exceptionally challenging times. For many people, conventional religion no longer offers enough solace or insight to be useful, and hence the pursuit of "spirituality without religion" has become increasingly popular. But there is a dearth of truly powerful spiritual voices, free of religion's commandments or fables, that can reach the heart and give us inspiration that we can adapt to our needs.

French-American writer Lyna Tevenaz has such a voice. Drawing from her life experiences as an orphan, single mother, and a dedicated seeker who has explored many spiritual perspectives, she offers a powerful collection of 50 prayers for our urgent times. Most of the prayers are accompanied by "active meditations" and brief affirmations that span five major categories of human concern: Relationships, Family, the Self, the World, and the Inner Life.

Originally published by Fearless Books in 2018 as Enlighten Your Life, this edition has been updated and revised with new material to reach more people with Lyna's life-changing language. "Prayer enables us to disengage from fear-driven thinking," she explains in her Introduction. "It is a silken cloth that wipes away our heart's anxieties.... These words are the result of what I have learned about prayer so far, but now they are yours to practice and evolve for your own purposes."

with a Foreword by Jon Mundy, Ph.D.
and endorsements by Marianne Williamson, Tama Kieves, Karen Bentley, Richard Smoley, Mitch Horowitz, Rev. Maria Felipe, and Cindy Lora-Renard






Lyna Tevenaz is a French-American writer with a diverse background in psychospiritual explorations. Due to endemic alcoholism in her family of origin, Lyna was raised by her great-grandparents until age twelve, then in two foster homes before emigrating to the US. Growing up with a Catholic influence in Normandy near the birthplace of Jeanne d’Arc, Lyna spent ten years as a Mormon before becoming a student of A Course in Miracles, thereafter devoting herself to the study of Mary Magdalene. She returned to France for a year to live in Provence, exploring the heritage of Magdalene in that region. Currently a graduate student in Jungian depth psychology pursuing a counseling degree, Lyna’s focus as a writer and seeker is to understand the healing of the psyche from transgenerational trauma, and she is engaged in active imagination modalities to help treat & transform childhood wounds. On her website marythemagdalene.com, Lyna shares her passion for Mary Magdalene as the initiator into the personal unconscious, and the symbolic figure of the suppressed feminine aspect. Having lived in New York City while working for the legendary cosmetics company CHANEL, Lyna now resides in Salt Lake City with her two daughters.

Read Lyna's story of writing this book here.

from the new edition of

A Prayer for Anxious Days

To a Greater Knowledge…

We are living in abnormal times,
swimming the rough waters of multiple threats.
I find myself overreacting to the world countless times daily.
My mind and body are bone-weary, sapped of tolerance.

My frazzled heart is lagging behind my mood swings,
my irritability, and the constant uncertainty lurking all about me.
So I lash out, I snarl, I judge, I condemn. At my worst moments,
I find no refuge from the cold, ego-driven world.

Please part these inner walls of fearfulness
to stream a beam of calm through my nervous system.
Help me irrigate my inner body with deepened breaths
 so that anxiety washes over instead of flooding me.
Within the intervals of greater breaths,
I can carve out room for compassion, for serene spaces
between the avalanches of anxious thoughts.

Enliven my resilience by helping me to see compassionately.
Help me trust in the capacity of my spirit to witness terrors
and hold peace for everyone at the same time.

Fortify my reserve of kindness for myself and others
with the soft wind of your divine peace.

And so it is,


Active Meditation for
Returning to Your Calm Center

 Sit up comfortably and close your eyes. Inhale deeply, letting your diaphragm take in the gift of the breath, allowing your entire body to relax as the breath continues to press against the dome of your diaphragm. Now visualize a solid black or gold dot at the center of your inner being. It can be placed behind your solar plexus, or at the center of your heart. Place all of your attention, all of your energy on that dot. Let nothing distract you as you continue to take deep breaths and focus your inner eyes on that dot. Feel your energy, your thoughts, any anxieties, and your power come back to that center of inner equilibrium. If the size, shape, or color of your center "dot" changes, allow the process to unfold, trusting its transformative function. Rest there a while, and repeat as necessary throughout the day.


Affirmations for Use
Throughout the Day

Peace is only a conscious, deepened breath away.

There is a clearing of calm strength at the center of my being.

I am always safe in the streaming of a higher awareness.