Awakening Your Right Mind:


Fiona Williams


Your mind is not your enemy...

... you have just been using it incorrectly. If you feel anxious, depressed, angry, or even unworthy of happiness, you are needlessly working against yourself.

Behind the dark clouds of your wrong-minded ego thoughts is the memory of your True Identity. The mental and physical pain which is hardwired into the ego experience can be transcended through the correct and loving use of your Right Mind.

In Awakening Your Right Mind, you will learn about the wrong mind of the ego, the Right Mind of Spirit, and the laws which govern your mind according to A Course in Miracles.

You are not stuck in the ego; you have a choice. You can choose to think with your benign and peaceful Right Mind. As you commit
to using your Right Mind, the ego dissolves and the memory of your loving True Identity becomes clearer to you. Are you ready
to remember?


"... more valuable information about how the mind works than you will find almost anywhere else..."
— Gary Renard, author of the best-selling 'Disappearance of the Universe' ser




FIONA WILLIAMS is a writer, facilitator of A Course in Miracles, spiritual life coach and psychic reader with credentials as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and an Erickson Certified Professional Life Coach. She is also the author of the two children’s books, My Mind Book and What do I do with a Negative Thought? Her expertise in mental health informs her passion for teaching the fundamentals of how our minds work best. Fiona lives with her husband in Calgary, Alberta where they enjoy being in nature with the company of their dogs and travelling.



Along with upholding conflict in your mind, the ego maintains the idea of separation in your mind by focusing your attention on the external world, especially your body. The more you focus on the physical world, the more you will believe that you are separate from others and the world. This is also another method of distraction from the Truth, for as long as you are looking outside of yourself, you are not looking within yourself. Using the ego mind means you rely on the world and your life’s circumstances to make you happy. Essentially, the ego keeps you dependent upon the world and the comfort of your body for your happiness.

The body itself is a hiding place the ego has invented to keep it safe from the supposed wrath of God. To think that all you are is a body, vulnerable to time and countless dangers, is a perception which obviously leads to a lot of fear. We spend an enormous amount of time glorifying the body, hating it, trying to control it, and generally worrying about it. Worst of all, we give our power away to the body thinking that it is at the center of our reality. By focusing on the world and the body, we forget that our minds are at the center of creation.

Considering how unpredictable the world can be, it is not a stable platform you can depend upon for your peace and joy. Relying on the world leads to insecurity, to say the least. You will attempt to control it so you don’t get blindsided by its unpredictability. Deep down what you’re really trying to control, though, is that your unconscious guilt doesn’t get triggered by untoward events. Eckhart Tolle would refer to this as your “pain body.” Regardless of how your pain body is feeling attacked, it’s your unconscious guilt that makes the situation uncomfortable. The need to control your world comes from the avoidance of facing your discomfort about the tiny, mad idea.

Your attempts to control your world can show up in many ways, like managing the amount of calories you consume, being obsessed with how you look, or even trying to manage how other people speak to you. There’s no peace in living like this. As long as you are focused on controlling the world, you are too busy to quiet your mind and feel the literal peace of God which is within you.

It’s important to note that there is nothing wrong with having an external environment you enjoy and a healthy relationship with your body. Yet the best route to ease in your circumstances is keeping your focus on the state of your mind. The “evidence” for separation is all around you, and your five senses attest to your separateness at all times. Yet it is your mind, not your physical eyes, which will sense your connection to all. For there will come the day where we will all lay the body and this world aside, and it is our minds that will carry on....