Answering the Question: WHY?

The everyday world we live in presents many challenges. We strive to survive and then our body eventually dies any way. WHY? What’s the point of this struggle? Many have tried to answer this age-old question, but nothing has provided comprehensive answers until the scribing of A Course in Miracles. Yet understanding its unusual language and nondualistic concepts can be overwhelming. Many seekers have given up, leaving those answers locked away within its pages.

As a companion book to the Course, Lara Pollock's Together Is Home: The Healing Messages of A COURSE IN MIRACLES offers a streamlined, step-by-step explanation of WHY we find ourselves in a dualistic world that seems separate from God. It then outlines a step-by-step True Forgiveness practice that enables miracles to unfold naturally in our lives. As we change our mind about this world, our lives can be completely transformed. Understanding WHY is the key that unlocks our true purpose in life.

Published by Together is Home Publications in association with Fearless Literary
238 pages, trade paperback  •  $16.95 print / $6.99 digital  •  ISBN 979-8-9875932

P R I N T   A N D   K I N D L E

A L L   D I G I T A L  F O R M A T S



LARA POLLOCK (pictured with her husband Danny) is a sensitive–intuitive healer. She has practiced Traditional Chinese Medicine, therapeutic massage, and energy work for several decades. As an educator, she has shared her knowledge of these modalities throughout her career. In 2008, Lara’s life transformed as she discovered the great wisdom teaching, A Course in Miracles. Since then, her underlying goal has been to demonstrate the principles of ACIM in all her life roles.



Excerpt from Chapter 1:
Discovering A Course in Miracles

Many years ago, my dear Aunt Nancy shared her definition of obsession with me. It was when she was managing her own all-consuming fascination with the Terra Cotta Warriors, which were discovered near Xi’an, China in 1974. Aunt Nancy laughed and said, “If it’s the first thing you think about when you wake up, and the last thing you think about when you go to sleep, that’s an obsession!” By her definition, and by most other commonly-recognized criteria, I am obsessed with A Course in Miracles!

I have been a seeker all my life, wandering, wondering, searching, and questioning: WHY? Until finding A Course in Miracles, I continuously grappled with the question: “What is going on with this messed-up world? It does not make sense.” The lame response is, “Well, that’s just the way of the world.” Then people go about their business pretending it does make sense.

Perhaps you have questioned this as well? WHY do we struggle and strive to attain, yet eventually lose everything? WHY do we tolerate living with uncertainty, corruption, and conflict? It does not feel right, and it never has. If God is perfect and if God created the world, WHY is this world so glaringly imperfect? It does not make sense.

When I was growing up, I would sometimes experience an eerie identity crisis when I looked in the mirror. I had this knowing that the unseen world was more real than this world. It was unsettling because it reminded me that I didn’t want to be in this false-feeling place. It started as a sinking sensation, then dizzying waves of ‘not-right-ness’ washed over me. As I looked in the mirror, a nagging feeling kept telling me this is not who I Am. Who is this person in the mirror?—Because it is not me! I wanted to escape the image reflecting back at me. Eventually, these disturbing episodes ebbed, but I still never accepted the authenticity of “the way of the world.”

From my teenage years on, these incongruent feelings generated confusion and existential angst. Being highly sensitive, living in this wrong-feeling realm was such a struggle at times. If I couldn’t understand what the point of all this was, I was not fully committed to enduring it. This is what prompted my persistent search to find out WHY.

In my twenties and thirties, this search included read ing a wide variety of books. Examples of the many books I read, in hopes of finding definitive answers, include: The Bible, There Is A River, Science of Mind, The Celestine Prophecy, Zen Physics, Holographic Universe, The Journey of Souls, The Power of Now, and many others. [See Appendix: Perspectives on Study Methods & Recommended Reading List.] Each of these books lent new insights for me, helping me to understand the world in a new light. Yet none of them provided me with a comprehensive answer for, “WHY is there so much suffer ing in this world? And WHY are we here?”

The turning point came in 2007, when a friend mentioned The Disappearance of the Universe (DU) by Gary Renard. Remarkably, the random mention of this book completely changed the course of my life. This is because DU explains the significance of the Love-based wisdom teaching, A Course in Miracles (ACIM). This discovery has transformed my life in miraculous ways. There simply are not words to convey the depth of meaning it has for me. Within the Course, I have finally found a comprehensive answer to: WHY?...