Named a FINALIST in the 2019 American Book Fest competition,

Health/Alternative Medicine category


A rebel physician’s manifesto for reversing disease and increasing smiles, this feisty, funny, and deeply caring book presents a radical view of nutrition and medicine.

wtf* is wrong with our health (*what the food)? includes discussions of why Abnormal is the New Normal, The Generation of Degeneration, Why Jesus Had a Six-Pack, and Dr. Roberto Tostado’s 80/20 Way to a Sensible Diet.

“Knowing how to maintain optimum health with a sensible and enjoyable diet should be common sense,” says Dr. Tostado. “But too many people continue to feed their diseases and chronic discomfort instead.”

Featuring true-life stories of how Dr. Tostado’s prescription for health has reversed diabetes, weight problems, adrenal fatigue, insomnia and other common, chronic ailments, this book also presents a concise introduction to detoxification, understanding why highly processed foods are bad for our health, and how to make whole, fresh foods the cornerstone of a healthy way of life.

Published by wtf* books in association with Fearless Literary  •  140 pages, trade paperback  •  $12.95  •  ISBN 978-1-7335475-0-5  •  Available to the trade from Ingram

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Roberto Tostado, MD has been practicing medicine for over 26 years, and is Board-Certified in Regenerative and Antiaging Medicine. He is a fellow of Nutritional and Digestive Medicine from the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Dedicating his practice exclusively to preventive and regenerative medicine, he is one of a new breed of doctors pioneering an integrative approach to wellness. Dr. Tostado inspires his patients with the simple, powerful idea that good food is medicine, enabling them to experience newfound vitality at any age. He received his degrees from Columbia University, the University of Michigan Medical School, and a USC Medical Residency at the California Medical Center in Los Angeles. He founded The IBody Wellness Center in San Marino, California. Listen to Roberto's "Truth on Wellness" talk show on HealthyLife.net at 11 a.m. (PST) on Mondays.


In some ways, it’s disappointing that this book had to be written, because its starting point is the huge misfortune of health and health care in this current time. Everything I have to recommend in this book should already be taught at home, schools, and medical institutions. Knowing how to maintain optimum health with a sensible and enjoyable diet should be common sense, but too many people continue to feed their diseases and chronic discomfort instead. And they’re encouraged by our medical system and massive pharmacological industry, which thrive on maintaining illness rather than preventing and healing it. Meanwhile the processed-food industry floods our supermarkets with denatured “foodstuffs,” chock-full of sugar, toxins, and chemicals that weaken our bodies rather than nourish them.

This book is written for people who are tired of dieting to lose weight; for those who are sick of being told that their diabetes is a life sentence; and for those who are sick and tired of taking all kinds of medications every day for years, with no end in sight. This book is here to help you understand that your health is grounded on what you put in your body — and that food can be your medicine or your poison, depending on what you choose to eat every day.

This book is also for those who think a healthy diet sucks because it means eating cabbage and cauliflower all day long. Not true! This book is also here to help you open your eyes, heart, mind, and mouth to the fact that a truly healthy diet is delicious and diverse.

I hope that you’ve judged this book by its cover, then opened it because you’re ready to hear what I’m saying — something that many people may have felt for a while, but were perhaps reluctant to express out loud. We are in a moment that demands radical change, to preserve the health of our children and future generations through our choices. I can do all the talking, but actually doing what’s necessary is completely on you. A friend of mine asked, “How can you make people want to be healthy?” My answer was simply that people have to know it’s possible to be healthy without endless doctor visits and lifelong prescriptions. Then the healthy choice will be clear.

Finally, this book is for my colleagues in the medical community. More physicians are gaining a new understanding of real nutrition, as I did, and passing on this life-giving information to our patients. You can benefit greatly from this approach. I put in ten years of conventional practice with the Kaiser Permanente healthcare system in California, growing increasingly disenchanted as I began to question whether I was really helping people heal, or only providing assistance in the maintenance of their diseases. My anger and disappointment grew as I watched too many patients suffer heart attacks, even with normal cholesterol levels, and saw diabetics forced to suffer amputations despite increasing their insulin levels by the vials. Finally, I’d had enough. For the last two years of my practice at Kaiser I focused on teaching health and wellness through lifestyle and food choices, and stopped focusing on drugs....