Do you wish you had a coach to keep your writing project
on track and on schedule?
Do you need help cultivating
an idea for a book, blog, or website?

Fearless Books founder D. Patrick Miller has helped many writers develop their ideas into manuscripts, and coached others through the process of refining their first drafts into publishable books. Both one-time consultations and sustained coaching are available. With many connections in the mainstream publishing industry as well as several decades of experience in independent and online publishing, Patrick's coaching focuses on the end result of reaching readers as well as the internal creative process.

A professional consultation or coaching relationship can...

Standard rates are as follows:

These rates are standard guidelines and can be negotiated to fit your specific circumstances and creative needs. Whether you just want to bounce an idea off a publishing professional or could use coaching through the completion of a project, write to consult@fearlessbooks.com and describe the creative challenge that’s facing you. We’ll get back to you quickly with some helpful questions and suggestions, and assist you in devising a plan to realize your creative vision.

Coaching arrangements will be discounted for projects that begin with a full Manuscript Review. Coaching clients will receive discounts on projects taken into our Assisted Publishing program.

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