Besides helping many writers improve their manuscripts and publish independently, Fearless Literary develops a limited number of projects for direct representation to publishers. We currently specialize in the nonfiction fields of contemporary spirituality, human potential, health & fitness, memoir, and the arts, but have begun to develop some fiction projects. Following are some of the promising projects now in progress at various stages of development. Rights inquiries from established publishers are welcome. To keep up with all author news from Fearless Literary, join the Fearless Books mailing list.

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Gary R. Renard, the best-selling author of The Disappearance of the UniverseYour Immortal Reality, Love Has Forgotten No One, and The Lifetimes When Jesus and Buddha Knew Each Other, was born on the historic North Shore of Massachusetts. He became a successful professional guitar player, but during the harmonic convergence of 1987, he heard a calling and began to take his life in a different direction. At the beginning of the 1990s, he moved to Maine, where he underwent a powerful spiritual awakening. As instructed, he slowly and carefully wrote Disappearance over a period of nine years. Originally published by Fearless Books in 2003, the title was an immediate small-press phenomenon and was licensed to Hay House in 2005, going on to sell over 200,000 copies in world English and a number of foreign editions. Fearless Literary is pleased to welcome Gary "back home" by representing his fifth title, currently in progress, entitled The Awareness of Being God. Publisher inquiries are invited. See Gary's website here.

CURRENTLY IN DEVELOPMENT: Fearless Literary is pleased to announce signing Roberto Tostado, MD of San Marino, California for the development and representation of his book WTF* IS WRONG WITH OUR HEALTH? (*What, the Food?!). This concise, hard-hitting, and often humorous polemic is a concerned physician's wake-up call to Americans who are  worrying about their healthcare coverage while too often ignoring the fact that they may be eating themselves to death. A physician for over 23 years who is Board Certified in Family Medicine, Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine, Dr. Tostado is a graduate of Columbia University, the University of Michigan Medical School, and the University of Southern California’s Residency Program at the California Medical Center. After becoming disillusioned with conventional medicine's reliance on pharmaceuticals, Dr. Tostado started his own clinic focusing on holistic and natural protocols, with an emphasis on prevention. See more about his work at http://theibody.com/.

CURRENTLY IN REPRESENTATION: Fearless Literary is pleased to announce signing Toni Galardi, PhD of Mill Valley, CA for the representation of her book LIFEQUAKE! The Roadmap for Mastering Chaotic Change in Accelerated Times. As a psychotherapist, speaker, nationally published advice columnist, and corporate consultant, Dr. Toni has worked with hundreds of clients and groups as diverse as Xerox, Auto Desk, and The Moment of Change Conference, along with participating as a guest expert on numerous telesummits and on broadcast TV and radio. Dr. Toni's innovative 7-stage "Roadmap" for change enables her clients and readers to connect brain, body, and spirit in order to grow from the upheaval of any crisis. She calls herself "the poster child for the change-impaired" because it took three near-fatal accidents for her to figure out there was another way to prepare for transformation. She writes an advice column, “Ask the LifeQuake Doctor,” for Counselor Magazine, and has appeared as a frequent guest expert on Fox News and ABC, speaking about the right-brain approach to change mastery in times of economic crisis. Learn more at www.drtonigalardi.com.

CURRENTLY IN REPRESENTATION: Fearless Literary is pleased to announce signing author Karen Brody for the representation of her self-published title OPEN HER: Activate 7 Masculine Powers to Arouse Your Woman's Love and Desire. This masterfully written guide to men's emotional growth is structured as a journey through seven male archetypes: The Artist, The Poet, The Director, The Warrior, The Sage, The Dark Knight, and The Lover. Replete with personal stories and provocative practices based on Karen's 15+ years of work as a Relationship Expert for Men, OPEN HER has been an indie-press success since its release in 2014, currently selling hundreds of copies monthly mostly via word-of-mouth. Fearless Literary will be seeking a significant offer from major publishers to launch this intelligent and much-needed work into the publishing mainstream. Learn more about Karen at her website and order the current edition of her book from Amazon.

CURRENTLY IN REPRESENTATION: Fearless Literary is honored to announce signing Northern California author Mary Ann McGuire for the launch of her stunning autobiography, AN AMERICAN BUDDHA: How a Christian Minister Discovered Her Spiritual Destiny. A retired Christian minister who grew up Catholic, Mary Ann left the beloved religion of her youth only to struggle against institutional gender bias in her unsuccessful attempt to be ordained as an Episcopalian priest. She was later identified by the revered Tibetan Buddhist master H.E. Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche as the living reincarnation of Yeshe Tsogyal, an eighth-century princess regarded as the "Mother of All Tibet" and a female manifestation of the Buddha. Throughout this epic adventure, Mary Ann continued to live the outwardly normal life of a twice-married wife, mother, grandmother, widow, community activist, and philanthropist. As she writes near the end of the book, "I knew with every fiber of my being that inner spiritual authority is earned regardless of gender and only through profound listening, through the willful choice to heed the call, and by walking the path in devoted practice. It is up to each of us whether or not we walk the solitary journey into the heart of our own Buddha nature." See more at the website for AN AMERICAN BUDDHA.

CURRENTLY IN DEVELOPMENT: Fearless Literary is working with veteran indie musician David Knopfler, founder of the 70s hit band Dire Straits, to develop a book of advice and memoir entitled HIGHER STRAITS: An Indie Musician's Advice for Keeping It Together and Getting Some Satisfaction. The book will offer David's experienced wisdom on the independent music biz for up-and-coming musicians, based on his early experience in Dire Straits and his subsequent pursuit of a self-produced musical career. "If you feel driven and compelled to make your work and to be fiercely original and have something unique to say, in a compelling way, then chances are the helpers will be there for you... the doors will open some, the ice will crack. You just have to be sufficiently driven not to give up, even when you’re feeling about as popular as Vincent Van Gogh did when the good people of Arles sent him packing." For more preview, read the Fearless "Higher Straits" interview with David here.

CURRENTLY IN REPRESENTATION:The author of the award-winning memoir A SONG FOR LOST ANGELS: How Daddy and Papa Fought to Save Their Family (originally published by Fearless Books) Kevin Thaddeus Fisher-Paulson lives with his husband Brian, their two sons, and their four rescue dogs in San Francisco. When not writing, he serves as Captain of the Honor Guard for the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department. He earned a degree in American Studies from the University of Notre Dame in 1980 and subsequently studied writing with Dorothy Allison, Jessica Hagedorn and Steve Abbott. Kevin is a weekly columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle, contributes irregularly to the National Public Radio Perspective Series, and blogs for Gays with Kids. Now in its Second Edition from the author's own press, SONG is being represented to larger publishing houses to realize its enormous potential. Order the current edition and read an excerpt here.



Principal Agent and Editor D. Patrick Miller founded Fearless Books & Literary Services in 1997. He is a veteran magazine journalist and author of a dozen books, and has provided manuscript evaluation and editing for many major publishers, agents, and hundreds of writers. After working in almost every other aspect of publishing, he began providing professional representation in 2015. Associate Agent and Publicity Specialist Jennifer Listug has a background in public relations at Schrader Cellars and New World Library, and brings a fresh, original, and up-to-date perspective to the challenge of "getting the word out" to help books succeed. Find out about her low-cost publicity consultations here.


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