A Time for Saving Graces



In the pilot episode of the Hour, host and career introvert D. Patrick attempts to explain why he got into spiritual show business. Co-host Dr. Tameer performs an illusion, providing some actual entertainment...

Episode 1: COURAGE
In the first full episode of the Hour, devoted to the saving grace of COURAGE, chanteuse Carsie Blanton performs "Buck Up" and two other songs. Also in this episode, Tameer interviews Fearless Literary author Corinne Zupko about her award-winning book FROM ANXIETY TO LOVE. The episode closes with a "Forests" Meditation.

The second episode of the Hour is devoted to the saving grace of FORGIVENESS. Independent rocker David Knopfler, founder of the legendary Dire Straits, performs three songs, two recorded exclusively for the Hour. Patrick and Dr. Tameer present their own personal messages on the show topic. And Patrick interviews best-selling novelist Wally Lamb...

In Episode 3, the musician who composed the Fearless Hour "theme song," Barry Cleveland, shares more of his compositions and unique instrumentation. Writer and artist Rose Pearson helps interview digital painter Michael Welch, and then shares two videos demonstrating painting as a form of meditation.


In Episode 4, devoted to the saving grace of Self-Knowledge, San Francisco indie rocker Megan Slankard shares a video of the battle with her shadow, plus two more performances. The Rev. Nhien Vuong, a former attorney, licensed Unity Minister, and the founder of "Evolving Enneagram," discusses the transformational potential of the Enneagram, which is changing the way we see the world and human nature.

It's the world's first spiritual-but-not-religious video variety show, presented by Fearless Literary. Each episode features commentaries by producer & host D. Patrick Miller and co-host Dr. Tameer Siddiqui, along with interviews and musical performances on healing themes, or "saving graces." We'll be trying to inform and nourish viewers with the best qualities of the inner life while we all struggle through some hard times.

Patrick is a widely published author, editor, and publishing consultant, and the founder of Fearless Books & Literary Services in Napa, CA. Tameer earned her doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, and is also a minister ordained by the Community Miracles Center in San Francisco, CA. (See her independent counseling service here.) Finally, she is an experienced illusionist — a stellar credential in spiritual show business.

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This single-feature episode presents an interview with Gary Renard, author of the "Disappearance of the Universe" series and Cindy Lora-Renard, author of THE BUSINESS OF FORGIVENESS. After Gary and Patrick reminisce briefly about the origins of his first book, Dr. Tameer takes over with a wide-ranging discussion that touches on dealing with "level confusion" about the pandemic; how to get up in the morning; Jesus as a friend; choosing once again; why to forgive; how Cindy achieved "equal time" and finally, a preview of the projects that Gary and Cindy are working on now. Patrick closes out the episode with some backstory on how he became an independent publisher who was in the position to take on Gary's work.