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The Fearless Books site went online in 1998, so I feel like an Internet old-timer. After having books published by two major New York houses in the mid-90s, I decided that I could do a better job with future books independently. I've published more than a dozen titles in print since, including Gary Renard’s Disappearance of the Universe (now a worldwide best-seller from Hay House).

In 2015, I began shifting my company's emphasis from publishing to professional representation, editorial consultations, and book development, a collection of services I call Fearless Literary. One of my specialties is the care, nurturing, and production of personal histories, usually called memoirs. I've helped many independent writers plan, edit, and launch their own stories in both print and digital media on a worldwide basis. To find out more and get a free e-book about starting your memoir, click here.

This site has always had a strong public service component, beginning with two of the most popular online guides to independent bookstores worldwide, the Fearless Independents and the Fearless Antiquarians.

Please check out my personal author website as well. There you'll find books of my own under the Fearless imprint, as well as several more from other publishers. There are also online essays and interviews there. If you’d like to be advised by e-mail of all changes to both sites, join the Fearless News mailing list. 

I’m the webmaster around here so if you have questions or comments about the site, feel free to write.

D. Patrick Miller, Founder
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The services of Fearless Literary include:

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Free Digital Classics

A number of my e-books are available for free download, in all digital formats including Kindle, from Smashwords. Click on the covers or title descriptions to access.


HOW NOT TO WORRY: Five Simple Tools for Trying Times — Learn how to reorganize their thought patterns so that they can deal with stress and pressure in the most creative and effective ways possible. WRITING THROUGH THE DARK NIGHT: An Interview with novelist Tim Farrington — This wide-ranging, fascinating feature interview with the author of A HELL OF MERCY and THE MONK DOWNSTAIRS focuses on the subjects of creativity, depression, and the "dark night of the soul." MOSTLY A MYSTIC: Reflections on a Spiritual (But Not Religious) Life: A full-length collection of D. Patrick Miller's autobiographical essays published over 25 years in such magazines as Yoga Journal and The Sun, plus new writing. CHOOSE YOUR PUBLISHING OPTION: The Fearless Guide to An Author's Alternatives provides concise and useful information on how to get an agent, get published in the mainstream or outside it, how to self-publish, and more.



FACING THE EVIL WITHIN: An Interview with John Sanford —In this conversation with the late author, Jungian psychologist, and Episcopalian priest, the questions of evil within and without are examined with great care and insight. THE TRUTH ABOUT PSYCHICS: An Interview with Helen Palmer — The accomplished intuitive consultant and Enneagram teacher tells the unvarnished truth about psychic capacities in this bracing and unvarnished conversation. INSTRUCTIONS OF THE SPIRIT: Poems & Intimations — A volume of of 36 poems and brief commentaries celebrating the challenges and mysteries of spiritual experience. FREEDOM VERSUS DEVOTION: An In-Depth Study of Cult Experience reveals the experience of a former "Moonie" cultist who was drawn into six years of religious devotion to the organization founded by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, and freed by a kidnapping and deprogramming engineered by her parents. TULLY:  A Short Story — An erotic portrayal of grief, sexual awakening, and forgiveness. Originally published by THE SUN and later collected in STUBBORN LIGHT: The Best of The Sun Volume III.



Published under the Fearless Books Imprint...


UNDERSTANDING A COURSE IN MIRACLES, Second Edition: The indispensable guide to a great spiritual teaching of our times, this edition represents over 30 years of original research, interviews, and commentary.THE WAY OF THE PHYSICIAN: Recovering the Heart of Medicine — This "revived classic" by philosopher Jacob Needleman continues to influence the training and mindset of medical caregivers everywhere. NECESSARY WISDOM: Jacob Needleman in Conversations with D. Patrick Miller — A unique and widely read collection of published interviews on the topics of God, Time, Money, Love, and The Need for Philosophy. A COURSE IN MARIGOLDS: Michael Stillwater's classic spoof on the spritual teaching known as 'A Course in Miracles' is a hilarious hybrid of horticulture and holiness.



SETTING THE MIND FREE: Releasing Cult Thinking to Rejoin Reality — This composite volume of two classic works by pioneering psychiatrist Arthur J. Deikman MD comprises THE WRONG WAY HOME, a study of cult psychology in small groups as well as large social institutions, and PERSONAL FREEDOM, addressing the psychological and mystical aspects of a truly independent mind. MEDITATIONS ON A BLUE VASE: The Collected Papers of Arthur J. Deikman— A landmark anthology of papers by a psychiatrist who conducted some of the earliest studies of meditation and challenged the medical establishment's reliance on drug treatment for people diagnosed with depression, psychosis, and schizophrenia. MIND SCIENCE: Meditation Training for Practical People is the record of a day of meditation instruction by Charles T. Tart, Ph.D., one of the world's leading researchers of consciousness., answering spirited questions from a rationally-minded audience. THE SECRET SCIENCE OF THE SOUL: How Evidence of the Paranormal is Bringing Science and Spirit Together. Transpersonal psychologist Charles Tart presents over fifty years of scientific research conducted at the nation's leading universities that proves humans do have natural spiritual impulses and extraordinary abilities.

Titles Published in Collaboration with Fearless Literary...


A SONG FOR LOST ANGELS:  How Daddy and Papa Fought to Save Their Family — San Francisco author Kevin Fisher-Paulson tells the poignant history of a family of two men plus triplets that came together suddenly one day, and thrived for a year before being torn apart by groundless prejudice. The original edition published by Fearless Books was a triple finalist in two independent publishing contests before the Second Edition was converted to the author's own imprint, Two Penny Press. HOW WE KEEP SPINNING...!  the journey of a family in stories — In this hit collection of his weekly columns from the San Francisco Chronicle, Kevin Fisher-Paulson tells the true stories of a cop and a dancer along the journey of raising two challenging boys in the outer, outer, outer, outer Excelsior, that most mysterious edge of San Francisco.

For many more titles published independently with the assistance of Fearless Literary, see Assisted Publishing.


Represented & Placed by Fearless Literary...


WRITE A POEM, SAVE YOUR LIFE: A Guide for Teens, Teachers, and Writers of All Ages by Meredith Heller, New World Library, 2021. YOGA FOR THE INFLEXIBLE MALE: A How-To Guide by Yoga Matt (Roy Parvin), Ten Speed Books, 2019. BREAKUP REHAB: Creating the Love You Want by Rebekah Freedom McClaskey, New World Library, 2017. FROM ANXIETY TO LOVE: A Radical New Approach for Letting Go of Fear and Finding Lasting Peace by Corinne Zupko, New World Library, 2018.



FROM ANXIETY TO LOVE: A Radical New Approach for Letting Go of Fear and Finding Lasting Peace by Corinne Zupko, New World Library, 2018. THE PAIN COMPANION: everyday wisdom for living with and moving beyond chronic pain by Sarah Anne Shockley. New World Library, 2018. THE TOP TEN LIES WE TELL OURSELVES & How To Stop Living Them by Dr. Dana Marrocco. Ixia/Dover Publications, 2018. LIVE YOUR HAPPY: Get Out of Your Own Way and Find the Love Within by Maria Felipe. New World Library, 2017.