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Special Fearless Author Event July 7 & 8

Fearless Literary author Rebekah Freedom breaks free of the bookstore reading mold in July when she appears at two bars in the North Bay region of San Francisco to talk about her book
BREAKUP REHAB: Creating the Love You Want (New World Library).

Rebekah appears at 6pm on Saturday, July 7 at Downtown Joe's in Napa, where she will act out, soberly discuss the challenges of recovering from relationship breakups, and sign books provided by provided by nearby Napa Bookmine. She appears again at 6pm on Sunday, July 8 at Murphy's Irish Pub in downtown Sonoma CA, with books provided by Readers Books.

A "stand-up counselor" who earned her Masters in Counseling from Naropa University in Boulder CO, where she lives, Rebekah wrote BREAKUP REHAB to give people a heartfelt, plain-spoken guide to getting through the loneliness and agony of emotional divorce, while maximizing their potential for growth afterward.

"As I wrote the book I had to grapple with dispensing relationship guidance while being single, which felt like a twisted paradox," Rebekah recalls. "That being said, I've managed as a counselor to help veterans suffering with PTSD without having been to war. If love is a battlefield, I've fought the good fight and know exactly how to help others navigate the land mines."

The "Books in Bars" program is the brainchild of Fearless Literary, the only literary agency in the Napa Valley, founded by author, editor, and independent publisher D. Patrick Miller.

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