Memoirs Published with the
Assistance of Fearless Books


A Reporter's Journey in Two Worlds
by Jean Pope PhD


from addiction to redemption
with Pamela Thesenga
Publisher: Being & Awakening


How A Misfit from Kansas Became An Asian Sensation
Publisher: Impossibly Glamorous Studios


Foxy's View of the World From A Foot Off the Ground
Publisher: Laughing Oak


one of four revivals of
books by noted author James Conaway

of a New York Times Best-Seller
by Cameron West Ph.D.

Fearless Books has helped many writers tell the stories of their lives. We have a special interest in the development of the memoir — beginning with the inner process of deep reflection on the various meanings of personal experience and life history.

We also coach and edit authors through the process of writing with our Manuscripts service, and then help them navigate publishing options, including the independent route via our highly customized Assisted Publishing program.

This page features some of the projects that we have carried through to publication and success, as well as some that remain in progress.

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Then drop us a line at info(at)fearlessbooks.com and let us know about the story you have to tell…


Memoirs Published by Fearless Books

Discovered and published by Fearless Books in 2003, Gary Renard's first book THE DISAPPEARANCE OF THE UNIVERSE has gone on to become a worldwide sensation. This "teaching memoir" recounts a nine-year period of Gary's life when he had a series of profound and provocative conversations with two "ascended masters" named Arten and Pursah, who taught him unforgettable lessons about illusions, past lives, religion, sex, politics, and the miracles of forgiveness.

Selling 25,000 copies under the Fearless imprint, Disappearance was licensed to Hay House in 2005, which has since sold over 200,000 copies in 20 editions worldwide. Gary has also written two more books in the "Disappearance" series.


This triple-award-winning memoir by Kevin Fisher-Paulson recounts the heartbreaking yet often humorous story of how Kevin and his husband Brian fostered three health-challenged triplets for one year, only to see them taken away by social services and returned to the care of a drug-addicted mother. Published by Fearless Books in 2014 and released in a Second Edition by Two Penny Press in 2016, A SONG FOR LOST ANGELS: How Daddy and Papa Fought to Save Their Family has also been published in German and earned rave reviews from media and Amazon reviewers.

In 2015, SONG earned three Finalist nominations in two different book competitions: the LGBT Category of the Ben Franklin Awards, granted by the Independent Book Publishers Association, and the GLBT and Memoirs categories of the Next Generation Indie Book Awards.


Twenty-five years in the making, the spiritual memoir of Fearless Books founder D. Patrick Miller is now available in print. MOSTLY A MYSTIC: Reflections on a Spiritual (But Not Religious) Life tells the story of how a young investigative reporter transformed into a modern mystic.

A collection of autobiographical essays published over 25 years in such magazines as Yoga Journal and The Sun, plus new writing, this book explores astral projection, disillusionment with gurus, growing up with a bipolar parent, surviving and thriving after a serious illness, the meanings of home and homelessness, ending one's religion, the expense of not selling out, and what it's like to study and practice A Course in Miracles over the long haul... as well as a lot more. "A constantly touching and insightful memoir..." — from the Foreword by Jacob Needleman


Memoir Projects in Development     

Artist Don Hatfield suffered the loss of his wife to cancer and his daughter to murder within a two-month period, and is now raising his three grandchildren as a single dad. Don and professional book developer D. Patrick Miller are working together on a book about his dramatic experiences, to be submitted to major publishers. You can become a part of this important project now by contributing funds to finance the time and effort required to create a first-rate book proposal.

As a contributor, you'll be helping Don and Patrick spread the message that even life's most horrendous tragedies can be surmounted with the conscious application of faith and forgiveness. Read more about FAITH IN THE FACE OF MURDER here.


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