So it's time to tell your story...


You’ve reached a point in your life where you feel the need to sum up your life history. This may seem like a simple decision with a strictly personal motivation. In fact, it’s a much more important choice than that. It’s really the inspiration to become a literary artist whose raw materials consist of your own memories, feelings, opinions, and dreams.

Thus, you are taking on a bigger responsibility than you might have been aware of when you began to think about keyboarding your life. What you’re about to do is create a work of art in words that can change the lives of your readers.

As a memoir specialist, Fearless Literary has assisted scores of independent writers with all the tasks of turning their life story into a work of literary art. These tasks include conceptualization, planning, developmental and technical editing, design and layout of print editions, formatting of digital editions, and platforming & publicity for worldwide distribution. You can see some of the published titles below and more on the Assisted Publishing page.

If you're just getting started on your own memoir, feel free to download the FREE e-book HOW TO BEGIN YOUR MEMOIR: Inspirations & Motivations from Smashwords.

To get your personal history project underway, write to Fearless Literary at consult@fearlessbooks.com.




"Patrick’s editing, design, and turnarounds are all first rate! Highly recommended."Andy Becker, CRACKING AN EGG

"After working with Patrick on all the detailed steps involved in self-publishing my book, he proved to be highly knowledgeable, very efficient, honest, and a pleasure to work with.  I was especially pleased that my book was finalized and launched for distribution long before his original projected completion date." Denise Svajlenko, EVOLVING

"Patrick very quickly smoothed out the first draft of my memoir, and asked for more detail where  needed. He deleted extraneous material and consolidated the book into a very  easy to read book. I have received numerous compliments to that fact. When  Patrick worked for me, he was clearly focused on his work and loaded it into  print on demand through Amazon saving me countless hours of aggravation. He  produces a very nice product when finished. — Dr. Rod Chelberg, WHEN GOD CALLS, SAY "YES"!

D. PATRICK MILLER is an expert coach, editor, and producer of books for independent authors. He founded his own press, Fearless Books, in 1997, to keep his writing career alive after becoming disillusioned by his experiences with three major New York publishers. Patrick took on his first author besides himself in 2003. That was the totally unknown writer Gary R. Renard whose teaching memoir, THE DISAPPEARANCE OF THE UNIVERSE, was shaped and shepherded by Patrick into a first edition that sold 15,000 copies under the Fearless Books imprint before being licensed to Hay House in 2004, soon becoming an international bestseller. Since that time, Patrick has worked with scores of other indie authors on various aspects of their publishing projects, taking a number of books all the way from initial developmental editing through design, production, and platforming for international distribution in both print and digital media. The full range of services he now offers, which includes agenting and associate services for screenwriting and audiobook production, can be seen at Fearless Literary. Click to read about Patrick's own memoir, MOSTLY A MYSTIC.